Cupping Therapy at Home for Faster Recovery

The Achedaway cupper is an electronic device combining cupping therapy with advanced technologies. The most significant difference which distinguishes Achedaway cupper from ordinary cupping therapy is its dynamic cupping technology. This function provides users with rhythmic alternation of suction and release, which promotes local blood circulation faster, therefore, accelerates the recovery process. Compared with cups being sucked and keeping fixed on the skin, the dynamic suction actively stimulates the subcutaneous nerves through the alternation of intensity levels, thus it speeds up the recovery process. 

Furthermore, users can also switch the rhythm of dynamic suction and the overall intensity level on the Achedaway App at any time while having a therapy, based on their immediate feeling. A couple of simple touches on the phone screen frees you from exhausting hand manipulation. This means one can lie down on their bed all the time during the cupping process and enjoy a therapy ideally tailored to themself in a supper effortless way, without any troublesome action and even omitting the communication with a therapist. Achedaway’s other exclusive function called red light therapy is a good aid in inflammation reduction, bringing faster results in healing skin and muscle tissue. The innovative combination enables effective trigger points toward cupped areas and helps muscle release while enhancing blood circulation, toxin movement, and subcutaneous nerve activeness in just a couple of minutes.